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1/2 inch Impact Wrench - IT260-A1
Coil Nailer - C33/90-A3
Air Hammer - HA90
1” Heavy Duty Impact Wrench - IK4200
Pneumatic Top Carton Closing Stapler - D35/18、D35/22、D32/18、D32/22
Coil Top Carton Closing Stapler - D555/18R
Manual top carton closing stapler - D32/18M、D32/22M、D3518M、D3522M
New Mini Stubby - RP002 & RP102
Safety, Health and Environment Policies of Basso Industry Corp.-- (English)

Safety, Health and Environment Policies of Basso Industry Corp.-(Chinese)

Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)-(English)

Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)-(Chinese)







Business Introduction
A public company in Taiwan for pneumatic tools manufacturing with superior vertical-integrated systems. ... ...

How to Go to BASSO
You may refer to this page to find out detail information about our company location and various way to contact Basso. ...

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