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OEM Parts/ Solutions

Plastic Injection

Plastic Injection

BASSO has for many years now, been one of the most professional and experienced plastic injection molding products suppliers in Taiwan. We have a completely automated injection facility using TOYO injection machines from Japan, a subsidiary of the Hitachi group.
With the use of these high performance machines, BASSO has developed a new range of hi-performance polymer tools. These tools are 20% to 50% lighter in weight and having the same performance as the metal tools.
Every control aspect of the production process is monitored by computer to ensure that each single part produced will meet all the necessary quality criteria.
To avoid the failure of product, BASSO uses advanced simulation software to analyze the stress apportion on mold design before making the mold.

--TOYO Fully Electric Injection Molding Machine 100T
--TOYO Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine 130T
-- TOYO Fully Electric Injection Molding Machine 180T
--TOYO Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine 180T
--TOYO Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine 280T
--TOYO Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine 450T
(Total 19 TOYO Fully Electric/ Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine)

Available Material:
--NYLON 6.66
--adding different types of glass fiber, carbon fiber, mineral fiber or long fiber

Special Process Development:
--Two Colors / Three Colors

Scope of ODM/OEM Application Included:
--Automobile parts
--Bicycle parts
--Exercise equipment
--Industrial and building materials hardware
--OA machinery
--Computer accessories
--Ship mechanism parts
--Gardening supplies