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OEM Parts/ Solutions

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a technology that can improve the performance of metal parts through metallurgy.
To ensure that the quality and reliability requirements of different metal parts, including hardness, toughness, strength and mechanical properties, are met by different customers, BASSO has a wide range of advanced heat treatment processes and equipments including 10 -Bar pressure vacuum quenching heat treatment, vacuum carburizing, low pressure nitriding, cryogenic treatment, beading ... and so on.
BASSO not only devotes itself to meet customer's and product's specification requirement, but also pursues with professional experience and high standard of quality control so as to meet or surpass various expectation. Besides, BASSO is able to meet the customers' Continuous development of new technologies and processes in order to meet the diverse needs of products and become the industry leader.
Our goal is to provide high-quality products, reliable service, technical advice and overall solutions to provide you with the required, to meet all customer needs, to produce better products


Equipment Brand (Country)
Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace
(With high pressure – 10 bars)
B.M.I. (France)
Vacuum Tempering Furnace
(With low pressure nitriding process)
B.M.I. (France)
Vacuum Lower Pressure Carburizing Furnace B.M.I. (France)
Vacuum Washing Cleaning Equipment RUBIG (Austria)
Sub-Zero Equipment J.T.C. (Japan)
Force Air Circulation Furnace B.M.I. (France)
Force Air Circulation Furnace B.M.I. (France)
Shot Peening Equipment B.M.I. (France)
Sand Blaster B.M.I. (France)
Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace Abar ipsen. (USA)

Scope of ODM/OEM Application Included:
--Automobile parts
--Bicycle parts
--Press Mold
--Hardware Parts
--OA Furniture
--Die Casting & Forging Mold
--Machine Parts
--Boats and Ships parts
--transmission gear
--Garden Parts

Service Content:
--Vacuum annealing、 Stress relieving
--Marquench (10 or 12 BAR)、tempering、solution treatment、age hardening、Vacuum brazing
-- vaccum carburizing、carbonitriding、High concentration carburizing、Vacuum oil quenching、Carburizing after
high-pressure gas quenching
--vaccum carburizing、vaccum soft nitriding、Vacuum oxynitriding
--sub-zero treatment & Deep Sub-zero treatment (-190℃)
--shot peening、High frequency hardening、Sand blasting
--Steel Regulation and selection consultation service
--Heat Treatment、Surface treatment tech consultation、Damage analysis
--Steel Analysis、Hardness Test、microscopic examination