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Being one of the pneumatic tools leading manufacturers in the world, BASSO integrates its manufacturing facilities vertically from product design, mold making, die casting, machining, heat-treatment, painting, plastic injection and assembling to shipment. BASSO’s pneumatic naliers, staplers and automotive tools are well-known in the field due to its sustaining innovation and strictly quality control....

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Best Products
With strong knowledge & good instruments, BASSO has successfully developed our own know-how to produce Mg. (magnesium) and Al. (aluminum) die-casting parts.
To ensure that the quality and reliability requirements of different metal parts, including hardness, toughness, strength and mechanical properties, are met by different customers, BASSO has a wide range of advanced heat treatment processes and equipment.
We have a completely automated injection facility using TOYO injection machines from Japan, a subsidiary of the Hitachi group. With the use of these high performance machines, BASSO has developed a new range of hi-performance polymer tools.