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OEM Parts/ Solutions



In order to fully control product quality and cost, Basso Machining department has a series of CNC machining centers, all from Japanese most famous brands Mori-Seiki and MAZAK, to strictly control the machining process and its precision.

--Mazak Vertical Machining Center_FJV-250 (include 4-axis Machining Center)
--Mazak Vertical Machining Center_Pallet changer_FJV-250
--Mazak Horizontal Machining Center_Pallet changer_ FF-5110
--Mazak 5-Axis Machining Center_V500-5X
--Mazak Multi-Tasking machine Turning and Milling_ INTE-100-ⅡSY
--Mazak Turning / Milling Multi-Tasking machine _ INTE-100-IVS
--Mazak Turning / Milling Multi-Tasking machine_ SQT-200-MSY
--Mazak Turning / Milling Multi-Tasking machine_ QTN-250II-MY
--Mazak CNC turning center _ QTN-250II
--Mazak CNC turning center_ QTN-150 II
--Special Purpose Machine
(50 sets Mazak special purpose machine in total)

Machining Material:
--AL(Aluminum): ADC10、ADC12、6061(T6)、7075(T7)
--MG(magnesium): AM60B、AZ91D
--Steel: Alloy Steel、Forging parts、Investment casting parts

Special Process Development:
- Machining Jig design and development
-Sample development and manufacturing

Scope of ODM/OEM Application Included:
--Automotive accessories
--Bike accessories
--Aerospace accessories
--Sports equipment
-- Industrial and Construction hardware
--OA Office Furniture Products
--Computer Peripheral parts
--Ship structure parts
--Gardening accessories and parts