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OEM Parts/ Solutions



Mold is a critical basis relevant to the quality and the yield of products and parts. BASSO masters the mold design, mold-flow analysis and molding processes thus Basso can shorten the lead time, keep high efficiency and well control the quality of the mold.
BASSO uses CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) to analyze the mold design to reduce the risk of failure, shorten the development time of parts and also provide the best solution.

--Mazak2500-μ-CNC high-speed processing machine
--Mazak2500-CNC high-speed processing machine
--Mazak V655-60N-CNC processing machine
--Yihawjet M45B-CNC EDM machine
--Lien sheng ZNC-LS-350 EDM machine
--Lien sheng ZNC-LS-580 EDM machine
--GenTiger SHCM-S96RVS (2 #) milling machine
--FORTWORTH CS-VBM-5VL (5 #) vertical milling machine
--EQUIPTOP ESG-3A818 precision grinding machine
--EQUIPTOP UF-818M precision grinding machine
--EQUIPTOP ESG-3A1632 precision grinding machine
--WINHO S430 * 1000 high-speed lathe
--Peiping PP-600 Universal Tool Grinder
--WAY TRAIN UE-916A horizontal sawing machine
--Sheng Woei S-360 vertical sawing station
--Li yang LY-300 thimble cutting mill
--Sony thimble cutting machine
--MTD-3 cold-plated welding machine
--ShihFar argon welding machine

Measurement Test Equipments:
- TESA.MICRO-HITE-M600 digital altimeter
- FR-3e digital Rockwell hardness machine
- 400SERIES projector

Scope of ODM/OEM Application Included:
--Molding for Magnesium / aluminum alloy die-casting
--Molding for Plastic molding: overmold and insert mold
--Molding for Investment casting
--Fixture/gauge making
--Prototype making

Quality Management:
In-house quality management to fully control Mold Flow Analysis CAE / Mold Drawing CAD (2D / 3D) Design / CAM (CNC) Machining / EDM