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OEM Parts/ Solutions



Painting is one important surface treatment process and tool to upgrade added value of product. Chemical Conversion Coating Pre-treatment is also critical at metal painting. Basso invests gantry type Automotive Non-Chrome series Chemical Conversion Coating facility to provide stable and high quality pretreatment on magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and ferroalloy. After pretreatment, Basso establishes automatic trolley line powder and liquid painting production line and flat line ABB Robot painting production line to meet variety of product demands from different customers with cleaning production planning for ensuring the consistent high quality painting product.

-- Trolley line Powder & Liquid Electrostatic Painting Line
-- Swiss Gema Powder Electrostatic Automatic Painting equipment
-- DISK Liquid Electrostatic Automatic Painting Equipment
-- Flat line Clean Coating Baking Production Line
-- ABB Robot Automatic Painting Equipment
-- Non-Chrome Series Magnesium & Aluminum Alloy Chemical Conversion Coating Pre-treatment Facility
-- Ultrasonic Washing Equipment
-- Hot carburization cleaning Furnace

Painting category:
--Powder Painting: All kinds of metal parts
--Liquid Painting: All kinds of metal and composite parts

Special Manufacturing process Development:
--Meet customer’s requests to develop all kinds of painting and manufacturing process

Scope of ODM/OEM Application Included:
--Machinery hardware parts painting
--All kinds of metal painting (Aluminum alloy, Magnesium alloy, Zinc alloy, ferroalloy and all kinds of metals)
--Computer components painting (Outer case)
--Medical device painting (Outer case)
--Plastic parts painting (All kinds of non metal materials painting)
--OA Office Furniture Painting
--Sport Equipment Painting
--Automobile & Motorcycle parts painting
--Vehicle parts & accessory painting (pedal, seat support frame…)
--Bathroom accessory painting (Electric water heater, water heater outer case…)
--Metal surface cleaning & Chemical Conversion Coating Pre-treatment