OEM Solutions

OEM Solutions

Die-Cast Plant

With strong knowledge & good instruments, BASSO has successfully developed our own know-how to produce Mg. (magnesium) and Al. (aluminum)die-casting parts.
All die-cast machines are equipped with world-reputed robot systems or extractors to increase automation with their processes.

Our AI/Mg die-cast plant not only produce the parts for pneumatic nailer & stapler, automotive air tools, also produce the parts for 3C products and suspension forks for mountain bikes. We provide OEM and ODM jobs upon customers’ requirement.

Mg. Is the most popular material of light metals. It is suitable for all applications of 3C products (Computer, Communication, and Consumer Electronics), Automobile industry, Bicycle, Power tools, OA machinery, Optical electronics, and various other products.

A quick reference to some of Magnesium’s key benefits…

- Lightweight :
  33% lighter than AI.,73% lighter than Zn, 80% lighter than steel
- Strength :
  40% stronger than AI.
- High Production Rate :
  1.5 times production rate of AI.
- Perfect Vibration Damping Capacity :
  25-40 times Dampening ability of AI.
- Excellent Siffness :
  2 times stiffness of AI.
- Good Fatigue Resistance :
  Makes Mg. A favored structural metal
- Corrosion Resistance:
  8 times better corrosion resistance than carbon steel & 4 times than AI.
- Unique Solubility :
  Soluble in AI. and produces of useful AI-Mg alloys.
- Well Heat Sink :
  Similar thermal conductivity to AI., eliminate heat in electronics industry